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"Do not forget to dare the impossible in order to achieve the possible." Anton Rubinstein

Portrait of A. Rubinstein by Ilya Repin

"Let us be humble and indefatigable servants of the art that elevates the soul and ennobles a person!" 

Last words of A. Rubinstein´s speech at the opening of Saint Petersburg Conservatory on the 8th of September, 1862

Anton Rubinstein (1829 - 1894) was a Russian pianist, composer, conductor and pedagog who became a pivotal figure in Russian culture when he founded the Saint Petersburg Conservatory in 1862. 

He was the elder brother of Nikolay Rubinstein who founded the Moscow Conservatory in 1866.

As pianist Anton Rubinstein ranks among the greatest 19th-century piano virtuosos who became famous for his series of historical recitals - seven enormous, consecutive concerts covering the history of piano music. 

"The pedal is the soul of the piano." Anton Rubinstein


  Talent is so much more than the innate.

Regardless of age and level, you can go a long way with the right guidance and motivation.

The right guide does not show the way itself, it shows how to find your own way as a musician.

Practice at home is not about the number of hours at the instrument, but about doing it right.

The teaching takes place both online and physically at Parkvegen 4 in Porsgrunn, in Norwegian or English with a humorous touch of Spanish and Russian.

Every pianist chooses between 45 min., 60 min. or 90 min. long sessions with the desired frequency and otherwise follow their own rhythm.

Parents and guardians are always welcome to listen to.

In addition to pedagogical work, Anna Valéntik has during various events worked with opera singers both on the concert stage and in connection with instruction in the Russian language.

As a language coach in Russian, she has been engaged by the Norwegian Opera & Ballet in Oslo and the New Opera in Bergen during productions of Russian operas.


   Talent er så mye mer enn det medfødte. 

Uansett alder og nivå kan man gå langt med riktig veiledning og motivasjon. 

Den riktige veiledningen viser ikke selve veien, den viser hvordan man skal finne sin egen vei som musiker.

Øving hjemme handler ikke om antall timer ved instrumentet, men om at man gjør det riktig. 

Undervisningen foregår både online og fysisk i Parkvegen 4 i Porsgrunn, på norsk eller engelsk med et humoristisk snev av spansk og russisk. 

Enhver pianist velger mellom 45 min., 60 min. eller 90 min. lange økter med ønsket hyppighet og ellers følger sin egen rytme. 

Foreldre og foresatte er alltid velkomne til å høre på. 

I tillegg til pedagogisk arbeid har Anna Valéntik under diverse arrangementer jobbet med operasangere både på konsertpodiet og i forbindelse med instruering i russisk språk. 


Som språkcoach i russisk har hun vært engasjert av Den Norske Opera & Ballett i Oslo og Den Nye Opera i Bergen under oppsetninger av russiske operaer. 

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