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From the first piano lesson at the age of five in Soviet time, and throughout 20 years of studying, 

to the "Master of arts" from the Saint Petersburg State Conservatory,

"Virtuose Brillanz und musikalische Spannung – Die Pianistin Anna Valentik begeisterte die Konzertgäste im Rittersaal.“    (Harz Kurier)

”Virtuoses Feuer – Die Pianistin Anna Valentik in Göttingen.“     (Göttinger Tageblatt)

under supervisjon of such piano masters as Galina Mitchell, former dean of  the piano faculty at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory,

and Tatiana Zagorovskaya, professor of  the piano faculty at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory;

and after another 20 years since graduating, filled with huge musical inheritance from the Teachers and self-development as a musician, it feels like a long, challenging and beautifiul way of serving the music art.

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